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Mailbox Posts

Rural Mailbox

The Highlands Mailbox

Inspired by the Blount Cultural Park sign, this mailbox post is handcrafted from a sculpted cypress beams 10 feet tall.

The mailbox is large rural box, clad in copper.

All of the mailboxes and signs are mounted in a steel boot to prevent deterioration of the wood.

This design has also been used as signage:

The Highlands Signage


Mailbox and Me                          Mailbox

The Cashiers Mailbox

The oversized ironworks creates a grand gesture when it is strapped to this 11 foot tall cypress beam.

The mailbox is a large rural box, clad in copper.


The Kingwood Mailbox

Large forged ironwork is strapped to sculpted back plates, which are mounted to the 8 1/2 foot tall sculpted cypress post.

The mailbox is a standard size box, clad in copper.

The Flowing Winds Mailbox

We recently built this large rural mailbox for a charming family farmhouse way out in the country in Mississippi.

The owners travel extensively and and just called to let me know that after traveling for a month, there was still room in the big rural mailbox for more mail.


Hanging Link Mailbox

This design uses a locking mailbox and a new twist on our usual mailbox joinery.