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Large Blount Sign

Blount Cultural Park Signs

This sign post is constructed from 14" square teak posts, is 24 feet tall,

17 feet wide and weighs approximately 5,000 pounds.

The large scrolls are forged from 1/2" by 6" bars and the brackets made from 3 and 4" wide bars.

The posts were shaped by Marshall Lumber and were then brought to our shop for assembly.

The signs were CNC carved by Landmark Signs and details were hand carved and moulding added

at Woodworking Dynamics.

Design: McAlpine Tankersley Architecture

Contractor: Andrew and Dawson

Blount Cultural Park is an incredible gift to the city of Montgomery by Mr. and Mrs. Wynton  Blount.

The Blount Cultural Park was officially dedicated by Vice President Cheney in July, 2002.

To see more of the park, you can link to the parks web site on our Contact page.

Assembly in shop      

    blount sign detail