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African Andirons

Influenced by the early examples of African ironwork, these andirons attempt to capture the spiritual essence of the original ironworks.   African ironworks were used for more than utilitarian purposes: They were also widely used for objects of fertility and prestige, currency, ritual staffs and emblems of authority.

The African Andirons have been exhibited at the National Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis, TN, The Madison -Morgan Cultural Center in Madison, GA and the Alabama Artists Gallery in Montgomery, AL.


Bo's Andirons

Private Residence

Pierced Andirons.

Pierced Andirons

Used in the Southern Accents Rosemary Beach Idea House (Sep. - Oct. '01)

Private Collection

Basket Andirons

Private Collection

Contemporary Basket Andirons

Private Collection

Wheat Pattern Andirons

Limited Edition


Modern Andirons.

Modern Andirons

Built for the Southern Accents Showhouse in Highlands, N.C.
(Sep. - Oct. 2002)

Primitive Andirons

Primitive Andirons

The Primitive Andirons have the feel of an unearthed archeological treasure.

The  roughly hammered uprights are appear to be wedged together with the cross bar with bands while the supporting rods pierce the cross bar and rise to crude points.

Primitive Andiron Detail