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Caleb at Anvil


A dog is an important fixture in any real blacksmith shop. They fill out a significant part of a shop's personality and in that respect Caleb excelled at his duties. Caleb could bring a smile to my face in the toughest of times, always greeted visitors with a smile and a slobbery toy and was as much a part of our shop as the anvils and hammers. He grew up in the shop from the sickly, puny little 6 week old puppy who was rescued from a terrible puppy mill to a giant personality that quickly became the face of the shop.

Calebís sweet personality and his stubborn will to survive carried him through a complete regiment of chemotherapy at the Auburn vet school in 2005 and the doctors were optimistic that with his drive he would exceed the norms and stay in remission for a couple of happy and healthy years. They are still talking about how he made it for more than 7. I think that although the McDonalds french fries may be killing us, our regular stops at the exit 52 McDonalds were key to his longevity and at least had a powerful tail wag factor to them.

Caleb started slowing down a few years ago and started spending more time in my chair at home than he did in the shop but he still had one more important challenge. When I hit a medical low earlier this year, Caleb became the cheerleader through my treatments and really shined. As I got better, he slowed down.

Caleb may be gone but his paw print has left a big impression on our little shop. He will be missed.