Rods & Finials

Our collection of finials consist of intricately hand forged finials made in our shop and high quality cast finials that have been modified to produce a seamless transition from the rod to the finial.

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Drapery Rods

Drapery rod standard diameters are 3/4" and 1". The 3/4" rods are solid and have a slight steel texture to them. The 1" rods are hollow and have a smooth texture.

Drapery rod length are considered to be without the finials unless otherwise noted.

Drapery rods can be shipped up to 102" long. Drapery rods can be made to longer lengths by assembling additional rods. The drapery rods are precisely machined to give a nice seamless look to the joint. It is recommended that a bracket be placed at the joints for support.


Standard Finishes: Brushed Steel and Satin Black.
Premium Finishes: Ancient Bronze, Dark Bronze, Gold, Distressed Gold and Nickel. There is a small charge for the premium finishes. We also offer waxed metallic finishes and chemically blackened steel for some of the rods. Samples are available for a nominal fee. Custom colors can be specified for an additional fee.


All orders must be placed in writing.

A purchase order is not binding until the Purchaser has received a written Order Confirmation or Acknowledgement from Phillips Metal Works and all deposit requirements have been met.

A 50% deposit is required to initiate a Purchase Order.

All balances are due prior to initial, partial or full shipment. The client will bear any costs related to the collection of unpaid balances.

Phillips Metal Works is not responsible for any damage that occurs in transit or storage. It is the responsibility of the Purchaser (or his customer) to inspect all merchandise before signing for delivery and not any obvious damages on the freight bill. While we strive to produce accurate orders, any damages related to defects in production will be limited to replacement or repair of the defective parts.

Any claims or complaints against the seller regarding delivered merchandise must be made in writing within 10 working days of delivery. Failure of the Purchaser to make a claim against the seller in the 10 day period will constitute acceptance of the Product and waiver of claim to any apparent defects, errors or shortages.