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Shop Door

This is the entry door to the Phillips Metal Works shop.

Forged from 1,600 pounds of steel, the entry door is 11 1/2 feet tall and 5 1/2 feet wide.

The door took more than 600 hours of labor to complete.

The width of the door led to an interesting design element, which is that the door actually swivels about one-third the way in from the edge.   This makes the door more natural to open, as the person does not have to step backwards to allow the door to open.   Special hinges were made for the door and extra attention was given to its mounting so that the half-ton door can be pushed open by the shop cat.

The signature at the bottom of the door contains my name, fellow fabricator Mark Vaughn and the inscription "I.M.O. Stephen Bondi".

I had the good fortune of knowing Stephen.   He was one of the original craftsman of the 1970's who sparked the revival of blacksmithing in the United States.

Unfortunately, Stephen's health could not keep pace with his passion for blacksmithing.   While he could no longer do the physical tasks, Stephen continued to research the works of European master blacksmiths and continued to play an important part in the maturation of this art form in the United States through his educational efforts.

He was a significant influence on my work.