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Pierced Primitive Rod

The Pierced Primitive Rod is inspired by the historical works of African blacksmiths.

The entire bar of steel is hammered into a roughly faceted hexagon and pointed on the ends.

The piercing for the brackets are hand forged with rectangular drifts.

The brackets are also hand made to genuinely reflect the craftsmanship of the ancient blacksmiths.

(Primitive Brackets DH-5)

Forged from 3/4" stock     Finial length: approx. 6" from piercing

Finish: Brushed Steel

Model # DR-12

For rod up to 102 inches long.

   Additional rods with machined ends can be added to the drapery rods to create rods of unlimited length and configurations.

   Call for pricing.

Brackets, drapery rings and drapery hardware are located in the Drapery Hardware section.